Mariya Protsiv RMT

Assessment Provider:
TMJ (jaw), neck & ear

Why I chose to be an RMT

My love of science, how the human body works, and helping people led me to become a massage therapist. I prioritize finding the root cause of pain and discomfort to create the best possible treatment. Knowing I can make such a positive impact on a person’s daily life makes me really excited to be an RMT.

An RMT since 2012

I focus my treatments to help restore people’s ability to do their daily activities, decrease their pain and help them with all kinds of injuries.

I create a treatment plan tailored to every patient focusing on rehabilitation and education so they can continue their care at home.


My journey to FTNU

I was drawn to From The Neck Up by its unique approach to treating the neck and jaw. Most of the people I treat have suffered from headaches, neck pain, and jaw pain. I knew there had to be a more effective way to treat them. Working here enabled me to develop new skills to better treat my patients to give them lasting relief.

Between the techniques

Communication is a key element working in such complex and sensitive areas. No two bodies are the same and no two treatments should be the same. Everyone experiences pain and discomfort differently so it’s important to take the time to listen to every patient so we can customize the best treatment for them.