Do you suffer from…

pain, popping, locking, clenching, grinding, difficulty chewing, decreased ROM, uneven bite, local swelling


tinnitus, ear aches, vibrations, pressure or sense of fullness in the ear, Menière’s disease

change in voice, difficulty with speaking or singing, difficult or painful swallowing

tension, difficulty with speech, swallowing issues.

headaches, migraines, concussions, facial pain, pain as a result of injury or tension, post-surgical scars, general tension.

pain, discomfort, whiplash, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), post-surgical scars, decreased range of motion

From The Neck Up

is North America’s first and only massage clinic dedicated to the rehabilitation of the jaw, ear, voice, tongue, head and neck. Registered Massage Therapy is proven to be an effective and efficient treatment for pain and dysfunction of soft tissues and joints in these areas.

Our goal.

To increase your quality of life

through massage therapy, provide you with a customized and achievable home care program, and encourage communication for maximum rehabilitation.

We believe.

That clear communication

leads to the most effective rehabilitation. For us to truly understand how a technique or level of pressure feels to you, we engage in open communication throughout the treatment. In order to facilitate an ideal level of communication, and ensure understanding, we will discuss the main components of therapeutic dialogue during your initial assessment.