My Passion

for this type of rehabilitation comes from my own experience trying to obtain effective treatment for these types of symptoms and dysfunctions. These conditions are often misunderstood, and can be difficult for the average professional to diagnose. As a result, many people suffer debilitating pain for a long time, and lose their quality of life in the process.

An RMT since 2000

my enthusiasm for these specific areas of treatment is a direct result of my own personal experience as a patient. I was in a car accident that resulted in whiplash and jaw pain. I was a mess from the neck up, and suffered years of pain and poor quality of life. After much rehabilitation, most of my symptoms diminished; however I was not able to get relief from my jaw pain and headaches.

I started working on my own jaw

developing new techniques, researching different approaches and educating myself on the complexities of TMJD. One day in 2010, I realized that if I, a person in the industry, was unable to find effective help for my symptoms, there must be a number of people out there suffering needlessly from the same issues. This realization is truly when my journey From the Neck Up began.

Between the techniques

I self-developed through work on my own condition extensive research, and the multitude of courses I’ve taken throughout North America. I have a particular expertise and understanding of the assessment and treatment of issues unique to the neck, jaw, tongue, throat, ears, and head. The advanced massage techniques used at From the Neck Up have been designed specifically for your needs—instead of using general treatments that “might” work, we use specific treatments that DO work. 

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”