Emma Brejak, RMT

Assessment Provider:
TMJ (jaw), neck & ear

Why I chose to be an RMT

One of the reasons I was drawn to massage therapy is the power of massage to connect people to their bodies. Massage therapy utilizes and activates various mechanisms of our physiology to drive healing. The relationship developed between patient and therapist, based on communication and trust, is the foundation on which my treatments are built. I prioritize education and place patient empowerment at the forefront every treatment plan. With the right knowledge and guidance, I am confident that patients can be the drivers of their own healing.

An RMT since 2007

I have focused my career on providing rehabilitative massage, utilizing treatment for chronic tension and its related issues, postural imbalance and all forms of general stress.

My journey to FTNU

I was drawn to From the Neck Up by its unique and specialized approach to jaw and neck rehabilitation. Practicing here has given me the chance to challenge my professional perspective, collaborate with skilled practitioners and develop a specific skill set to better serve my patients.

Between the techniques

I love working with patients to chart a course of treatment that is meaningful and effective to their individual needs. I believe that no two people are alike and no two treatments should be alike either. By taking the time to listen, properly assess and clearly communicate, we are able to build treatment plans together that best suit the needs of individual patients.

Nothing brings me more fulfillment as a therapist than helping a patient realize their own capacity to heal.