This three day course aims to teach manual therapists how to safely and effectively perform TMJD treatments for their patients.

Course Overview

  • Communication and TMJD
  • Anatomy review
  • Dysfunctions & symptoms of TMJD
  • Assessment
  • Palpation, techniques, mobilizations and treatment
  • Home care and treatment plans
  • TMJ & tinnitus


How TMJ dysfunction can lead to symptoms such as: headaches, malocclusion, popping, clicking, localized TMJ pain, decreased mandibular ROM, tinnitus and much more!


Confident and efficient with performing intra-oral massage!


The intra-oral, extra-oral and upper cervical techniques learned at this course to assist your patients with their TMJ dysfunctions and symptoms!


A new demographic of patients and referrals for your massage practice!

In person courses in 2020 are on hold due to Covid-19