Michelle Graham RMT

Assessment Provider:
TMJ, neck & ear

Why I chose to be an RMT

I felt very much aligned with a healthcare modality that considers both the mind and body, a practice I consider more relevant and necessary today than ever before. My approach is about treating on an emotional level as well as a physical level. This is holistic healthcare, and has a significant place in modern medicine. This treatment modality plays a vital role in the preventative, rehabilitative and restorative fields of healthcare, and is an essential part of one’s health and well-being.

An RMT since 2000

Having extensive clinical experience as a healthcare practitioner, and an honours degree in Medical Sciences from The University of Western Ontario, I consider myself highly versed in the fields of treatment, assessment, rehabilitation, and wellness.

My treatments are patient-focused, and comprehensive incorporating soft tissue manipulation, myofascial release, neuromuscular facilitation, trigger point therapy, active release techniques, gentle joint mobilization, and highly specialized manipulations of the head, neck and jaw. The client’s condition will be thoroughly assessed to formulate the goals of treatment, and to ensure that the treatment is efficacious in alleviating the condition being treated.

My journey to FTNU

With over fifty percent of my patients experiencing head, neck, shoulder and orofacial pain, I chose this area of focus in my clinical practise due to a high prevalence of pain, dysfunction and pathologies, and a lack of clinicians to provide focused and appropriate care. I am honoured to work collaboratively with an exceptional team who demonstrate excellence in restoring health, function and balance in the body. 

Between the techniques

An individual’s authority over their health can only be established through knowledge. I intend on providing the knowledge and awareness required for proactive living by addressing the individual’s body, mind, and lifestyle. My passion lies in helping others live healthier, happy, vibrant lives.