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WORKSHOP: Self-care for tinnitus and other ear related symptoms

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Self-care for tinnitus and other ear related symptoms

March 6th @ 11am via Zoom

If you have tinnitus or other related ear issues that your ENT, dentist or other health care practitioner has suggested may be related to your neck or jaw - this workshop is FOR YOU!!

In this 90 minute workshop we will discuss how the neck and jaw can affect the ears AND you will learn some stretch, mobility and self-massage techniques to help you with your symptoms!

This 90 minute online workshop is designed for people who suffer from:

  • tinnitus
  • ear pressure or clogging
  • ongoing ear pain
  • sense of fullness or water in the ear(s)

You will learn:

  • basic jaw and neck anatomy and it's influence on the ear
  • most common factors related to tinnitus or ear issues that are related to the jaw and neck
  • a series of stretches to aid in your ear issues
  • a series of self-massage techniques for the neck and jaw to aid in your ear issues
  • tips on how to minimize and manage your symptoms
  • a daily 10 minute stretch and mobility routine
  • a weekly 10 minute self-massage routine

You will receive:

  • access to the workshop for 90 days after the recording
  • 1 daily stretch and mobility routine
  • 1 weekly self-massage routine
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