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WORKSHOP: Self-care for TMJD and temporalis headaches (recording available for purchase)

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FTNU: Self-care for TMJD and temporalis headaches

February 6th @ 11am via Zoom

Have you noticed an increase in jaw pain or tension lately?

Have you been clenching or grinding more than usual?

Has your jaw locked or been clicking?

Are you're afraid of yawning?

Is that pesky headache at your temples wearing you down?

This 90 minute online workshop might be just the thing you need to bring health to your jaw! You too can be Jaw-some!

This 90 minute online workshop is designed for people who suffer from:

  • jaw pain and tension
  • clenching and/or grinding
  • clicking and locking of the jaw
  • tension headaches at the temples
  • decreased opening range of motion of the jaw
  • difficulty with dental appointments due to jaw pain, inability to open mouth or keep mouth open for prolonged periods

You will learn:

  • basic jaw anatomy
  • most common factors related to jaw pain and/or tension
  • how to stretch muscles of the jaw
  • how to self-massage muscles of the jaw (external and intra-oral)
  • tips on how to minimize and manage your TMJ issues
  • a daily 10 minute stretch and mobility routine for your jaw
  • a weekly 10 minute self-massage routine (external and intra-oral) for your jaw

You will receive:

  • access to the workshop for 90 days after the recording
  • 1 daily stretch and mobility routine to better your jaw health
  • 1 weekly self-massage routine to better your jaw health
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