November 16: Build Your RMT Biz with Instagram with Jenna Warriner

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Busy season, slow season, busy season, the cycle repeats itself… But how would you feel if your client load stayed constant and steady throughout the year?

What if most of the clients walking in your door were your favourite people?

What if you didn’t exit ‘use-up-your-insurance’ season burnt out and exhausted because your year was so successful, you didn’t feel the need to over-work come December?

This is the power of marketing.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how creating a community on social media can:

✔️ Increase your customer retention

✔️ Make ‘selling’ painless and empowering

✔️ Get you discovered by new ideal clients and keep your old faithfuls coming back again and again

✔️ A live Q & A

We’ll also talk about embracing a marketing strategy that feels GOOD instead of icky… and talk about the root cause of many RMT’s resistance to showing up online.

PLUS, you’ll get proven tricks to increase Instagram engagement, tactics to grow your followers, and tips to create a beautiful, authentic Instagram account, along the way.

Recordings of the live webinars will be provided to participants, and available for purchase for 60 days after the recording.

November 16th @ 7pm EST

Jenna Warriner


Jenna Warriner is a Social Media Specialist and Instagram Educator. Through her program Instagram: Your Magic Marketing Machine she simplifies Instagram marketing, and teaches small business owners and freelancers how to create a gorgeous, sustainable online presence and turn their followers into customers.

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