Jacquelyn Pyper, RMT


Why I chose to be an RMT

My biggest motivator in becoming an RMT came from my desire to help my mother who lives with chronic pain and wanting to assist her with the managing her symptoms. This experience has aided me in developing a desire to provide care through manual therapy.

An RMT since 2015

I found that providing my patients with education and resources related to their conditions gives them the power to understand what may be causing their symptoms & dysfunctions. This facet of rehabilitation assists them in self-management and provides them agency over their wellbeing.

My journey to FTNU

Throughout my years as an RMT, I observed more and more patients suffering from headaches, neck pain and, of course, jaw pain.  With my limited knowledge, I attempted to help them — but I soon realized that TMJD was more complicated than I first thought.  That’s when I discovered Jules Poulin and From the Neck Up.  Jules’ knowledge of this area of study was in perfect balance with my core belief as an RMT — that communication is the most valuable tool for helping someone’s rehabilitation.  I transitioned to a full-time position at FTNU, as well as being Jules’  TMJD teaching assistant.

Between the techniques

I quickly came to realize that working in more complex and sensitive areas of the body requires a more precise hands-on approach. It also requires a therapist who can allow the patient to express their anxieties, fears, and needs with regards to their symptoms. 

Having the time to educate, listen, and help a patient is the most valuable skill I can provide a patient. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing life-changing recoveries and progress in people who believed they may never get better, and they did.  I am so honoured to have the opportunity to help and listen.