November 23: Market Within Your Network To Grow Your Business

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Email Marketing is easier than you think!

What the heck is email marketing?

You can grow your practice by leveraging your existing network through email marketing.

This webinar will teach you:

  • What email platforms are cost effective and user friendly
  • Avoiding bots and maintaining your email marketing list
  • How to write an effective email
  • Best practice for email marketing
  • Connecting with your network through email

There will also be a live Q & A.

Recordings of the live webinars will be provided to participants, and available for purchase for 60 days after the recording.

November 23rd @ 7pm EST

Min Sukree


Min Sukree, Founder of Admin Avenger is a virtual assistant (VA) and podcast manager. One of Min’s many missions is to support busy entrepreneurs with automating your sales process with online tools, getting platforms to talk to each other and launch podcasts from the ground up, and much more!  A busy-work superhero for entrepreneurs and podcasters, Min helps her clients stay in their zone of genius, while running the show from behind the scenes.

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