Erica Lem RMT

(she/her, they/them)

Why I chose to be an RMT

I chose to be a RMT after going through my own experience of injury, leading to chronic pain and discomfort. One of the modalities that helped alleviate my symptoms the most was massage therapy. I noticed a similar pattern, of massage therapy being an effective component of rehabilitation while studying Kinesiology at Western University. During my time at Western I worked with varsity athletes as well as members of the public as they navigated the healing process that comes after injury. I realized that many of the patients needed manual therapy included in their treatment plan as well as physical therapy.

An RMT since 2019

After experiencing first hand the positive impact massage can have on the healing process and recognizing the importance of hands-on-techniques as a major part of rehabilitation I decided to study massage therapy.

My approach to treatment is compassionate, patient-centred and evidence-based.

My journey to FTNU

I found From the Neck Up while I was experiencing my own TMJD and neck injury that was severely decreasing my quality of life. Through receiving treatment, working with an RMT that took the time to both educate me about my injury and listen to my story, along with implementing a self-care plan, I was able to greatly relieve my symptoms. After directly experiencing the benefits of the approach used at From the Neck Up I decided to learn how to help people living with similar conditions to mine, receive the same all encompassing care I had.

Between the techniques

I am passionate about providing an environment where patients feel heard, safe and empowered.